Professional Services

The Kim Group is a strategic consulting group specializing in real estate advisory services. We take a comprehensive approach to our offerings.


What does this mean?

  • The Kim Group listens to their clientsreally listens – and where they want to take their business or investment portfolio, and The Kim Group helps put a plan in place to accomplish those goals (Key Performance Metrics – KPM) in order to create downstream financial benefits.

Professional Services Offered:

  • Developer for Fee Services – The Kim Group works with you and your team to put together your development and ensure your goals are met and exceeded. The Kim Group does not have to have ownership in your project like some developers require – your project is your project.  The Kim Group is here to help you realize your dream and make it a reality.
  • Financial Stack Structuring Services – The Kim Group works with you to put together your financial stack structure for your project. Whether we are overseeing the project or not, The Kim Group can help you look at the financial structure of your project and provide insight into funding sources that you may not be aware of or know how to obtain in order make your project become a reality.
  • Financial Restructuring Services – The Kim Group works with you to evaluate your current financing terms and conditions and see if there are more favorable terms and conditions out there.  The Kim Group helped an independent investor restructure their portfolio and help them save thousands of dollars a year in mortgage payments, which means more money in the investor’s pockets.
  • Design Services – As a Developer, Property Manager and Owner of real estate, The Kim Group looks at properties differently and sees ways to optimize space and improve return and efficiency for their clients.
  • Pre-construction Services – As a Developer, The Kim Group works with their clients through the acquisition of property, design, cost estimating, finance projections, scheduling, team assembly, and financial stack structure and assembly.
  • Construction Oversight Services – As a Developer, The Kim Group knows how to drive a construction project to meet a deadline and stay on budget.  The Kim Group proactively tracks change orders throughout the project in order to ensure you know where your project costs are at all time.  Leveraging The Kim Group as your Owners Representation for construction projects ensures that you have someone watching out for you and proactively driving the project while you work on growing your business.
  • Investor Management Services – The Kim Group works with their investors to make sure they are reviewing their portfolio and maximizing their return. The Kim Group also offers exclusive investment offerings to their investors.  Contact us today to learn how you can become and investor with The Kim Group.
  • Syndication Services – The Kim Group works with investors to invest in strategic projects and works with property and business owners to obtain investors and setup a structure with their business team to handle investors coming into their project and/or company.
  • Business Planning Services – The Kim Group works with you to create a strategic business plan for your organization and/or investments.  This may include renting less/more space, purchasing a building, finding design/build for lease with option to buy opportunities, etc. or it may include aligning your strategy to aid in hitting a milestone and positioning the company for growth.

And many more!

Other Services Offered: